I want my Ex Back

My girlfriend of a year and almost ten months broke up with me a day ago. I am really heart broken. She was saying that she was stressed ad that we argure and stuff a lot lately. I mean we really didnt even see each other like we would normally use to do like since las monty. And she says that she was hurt as well. But the day before I did a reality check and I talked to her about our problems and how we are going to work them out, and then she told me the next day I want to break up with, you. And she says its a temporally thing and she is not trying to talk to any other guys she just needs time to her self. And I tought like well she just spitted right in my face so th say, after I pore my heart out to her she goes and do this. She wants to talk and stuff still but like as a friend. I dont know how to go about that, because when we were friends before we started dating we were friends for like a year and a half, and we talked on the phone all the time, so I dont really want to be seen as a friend, but I guess I have to respect her wishes and stuff because I want to be apart of her life but I dont think I should talk to her like a lot I dont think, or should I? I need help. Or should I too take the little break or whatever she is talking t bout doing and talk to her maybe once a day or once every two days or something? And she said she wanted a break before, I think that made everything worse, b/c she was talking bout breaking and we needed I think then to talk and work out our differences then. I dont want to loose her and she kept saying that I really dont want to break up with you I want ot be with you but... I need some time to myself. And when she said that I thought she was just saying she needs a break fomr me, b/c she aint going to totally isolate her self.