getting your boyfrind back

i was going out with my boyfriend for 5 months when he broke up with me. he'd been taking some pills for his skin which then made him a bit depressed, one of the side effects expected. about a month later, his friends (who had become good friends of mine) told me he still liked me and was gonna txt me to try to get back together. when 2 weeks later i hadnt recieved a txt i decided to forget about my ex and move on. i started seeing someone else but my heart wasnt in it, i realsied that i wasnt over my ex. then on new years eve i decided to do something about it. i broke up with my boyfriend and decided to txt my ex. i told him that i wasnt over him but i wasnt putting any pressure on him for us to get back together, i just wanted to know what he felt. he replied saying he wasnt over me and we decided to give it another go, we've been together for 6 months now and things are better than ever! my tips are to give your ex space to sort out their head for about a month but then specify what you want without sounding desperate or needy. if they're worth fighting for, fight! just know when t give up.