at the movies... major turn on!

sit at the darkest part (usually at the corner or at the top most part)of the movie theater and make sure that you're not that seen. just start off with kisses on the lips then gently kiss (just mouth-kissing). then the guy should sit up a bit and the girl just lays on her back and start doing the French while caressing your partner. this feels a lot better if the guy holds her waist or her neck. try to avoid moaning though especially when a lot of people are watching. when things get horny, DON'T dare make out right there! just go some place else ^_^

my boyfriend and I just did this once up to now coz it rarely happens when there are just really few people at the theater. the time we did this, it was the 3rd week of the movie so there are really few people. when we did this, we were the only people there at first so it was really intense since there was no one around. this is a complete turn on... and it usually ends up in making out. (we almost did IT but we kinda got back to our senses ^_^)