Ok Girls I've been there..NEVER beg for him to come back to you.

Let's see...I broke up with my boyfriend after we went out for like a month and a half.I told him it was cause I was really stressed out from school and my personal life.So we split.Three weeks later after we split, I admited my true feelings about him and wrote him a sweet love letter.He said I just want to be friends.So I let it go.The next two days I could't get him of my mind, so I sent him another note.In that note I dedicated that song "We Belong Togther" to him.He said I just want to be friends.Then we tryed to work it out.One day I sent him a text messege saying "It's not going to work out.Is it?" He said no it's not.When I read that I feeled up with pain and tears.Then I got filled with anger.He doesn't know this, but I am going to lose 30lbs and make myself look really good.If he doesn't take me back then, I will just have to move on, even though it will be hard.At least I will try.