but wait..I WANTED THIS! i was the one who broke it off!

i only dated this guy for 6 months.. but during those 6 months, it seemed like my life had been complete..he gave me everything and i know would have done anything for me..we really did love eachother. but .. i broke up with him over different reasons.. but I WANT HIM BACK! i dont know why!! i keep telling myself that I wanted this! I WAS the one who broke it off so why am i feeling this pain? the other day i mentioned something about our relationship we used to have, he said "its fucking over" .. i put him through so much pain by breaking up with him i dont even think he ever forgave me. so if your about to break up with him.. try and picture him with other girls and saying the sweet things to her as he once said to you. its kills you. and my advice to you is..if you guys break up and you can NOT get over him what so ever... give anything to be with him..but don't give up. but you can't let it look like your tryign to hard. my ex and i have a class together. and i always try and look really good.. and just kinda avoid him..and sooner or later you'll start to notice that he pays attention to you..he was my first love. and ill always have feelnigs for him. but im working on getting him back. dont go crying to him all the time. guys just are NOT attracted to that. be yourself. make him come to you. and if he doesnt.. dont give up. try harder :)