shes the reason.

i fell in love with a boy i met at a club. Hes 21 whereas im only 17. he was my cousins mate. we went out for six months. i know it doesnt sound too long but i really loved him. He changed my whole life. He made me smile. I lost my virginity to him and have no regrets!! Noone has ever made me feel the way he made me feel, but noone has ever hurt me the way he hurt me. Hes with some one else now. It really desrtoyes me. Its 9 months from we split up but im still not over him and think about him everyday! im still trying to carry on with my life and i still carry on with other relationships, but noone compares to him. I know im still young and dont know love but ive never had feelings like that. i miss him so much. When his calls stopped i figured she was the reason.