play it off

juz pretnd that your hanging out with your best friend. if you act comfortable around the guy he will pick up on the vibe and do the same. laugh, smile, and give him lots of eye contact. talk to him bout wat hes active in, sports, acting, dancing, singing or w.e he does that makes him special. bring ur camera, take it out and take pics with him, most find it really cute. play little flirty like games such as: footsie and thumb wars. try to hold his hand if you can, if you cant thn juz "accidently" brush up against him with ur hand, or stumble a little and grab onto him and juz keep hold a laugh a little bout it. when your ready to say goodbye stop stare for a split second into his eyes, give a slight smile, tell him thanks for everything and that you should do it again sometime, and then go in for a hug/kiss.