how to win the man

okay girlies, guys are amazing, and we want them to notice us, but our hearts are fragile and shy. so here are the tips chicas:

1) eye contact is key. DO NOT OVER DO IT! its creepy and stalker like. look at him for two seconds and look away. if he catches you staring at him look away quickly smile a little and bite your lip. ( giggling looks secretive, and a little weird)
2) the smile: once you create eye contact, before he looks away smile a CLOSED MOUTH SMILE. why closed? because a full on smile looks flippin desperate. so closed mouth. it makes you look cute and interested, which you are:) itll keep you on his mind.
okay, once those tips are goin great, TRY to talk to him. it wont be akward. theyll admire your confidence and courage that they didnt have.
good luck gurls, and guys!