Staying friends

When me and my (ex)boyfriend broke up in late March I went through all the normal stages' from being hurt to being angry to finally accepting it. I was lucky in the fact that our relationship ended on pleasent enough terms, there was no cheating or slagging off or anything like that' it was simply one of those things.

Anyway, we share the same group of friends and, since I didn,t really see a point in harbouring my resentment longer than needed, we decided to give our friendship a fair chance.

What I,m saying is, providing you,ve broken up without too much drama (eg/ someone has cheated) being friends can be done! Granted, it,s not easy and the first couple of times I saw my ex I had to go into a bathroom to cry and I struggled with normal conversation but now we,re best friends again. We laugh and joke and banter just like we used to. His mum even still texts me to see how I,m doing!

At the end of the day, you should always let yourself grieve the loss of your realtionship' be angry, resent him a little, feel upset - you have every right, but remember as long as he hasn,t done anything bad such as cheat or slag you off there is no reason to find fault in him. He was 50% of your relationship and he had just as much right as you to end it if he saw fit to.

Too many breakups ruin what could still be a very good friendship - something made you click in the beginning, it,s just a matter of letting yourself accept what,s happened and finding that click again. If you can do this then friendship should just follow.

It,s not easy and at the beginning it can be a real struggle but if you give it a go then no-one can call you the bitter ex : )

Good luck!