Do you secretly love some one?

When I saw my, he was italian, first thing I thaught, was "eeeew" He is between 20 and 35 really good looking. IT was weird. I was in his class. It seemed like He liked me too. He waited at the door for me to get off the buss, whenever i walked past him whether it be in the hall or getting off the buss, our eyes locked togeather. Although we never admit our love to each other, I still enjoy him. i was starring at a guy in the middle of class and with a little smile, mr.k said "Just do wut u gotta do,not stare at the 8th grade boys." With a guilty look on my face i didnt wanna admit i was stareing at an 8th grade boy, i said "I already have a boyfriend!!" he said " yeah, but you can still google"!! i know we couldnt work out because he's way TOOOOOOOO OLD.