It can work but it can be dangerous

Now I know a lot about internet long distance relationships. A lot of my friends have experienced them and so have I. Sometimes you can get so caught up in them it's like it's real.

A few years ago now my friend met a guy off the net, she discovered he wasn't all what she thought and after being with him for a while she became pregnant. They have now split up although she goes on to date another guy from the net!

Now does it really work? You hear stories of peoples relationships over the net or phone that do work. In the end I suggest before you get too involved with say a relationship over the net when you've never met the person, i say meet them! Don't go alone! I'm sure uv heard that many times but dont, take a friend, convince a parent, anyone is better than no one!

From my own experience I had one relationship over the net that didn't work, we really didn't have that much in common just sometimes you find talking to people over the net easier than in real life. My boyfriend I recently split with was long distance, you couldn't really say I met him on the net but a lot of time was spent through conversations on msn. But we did meet up a lot, now i think this is very important. The reason me and my ex before didn't work was because we'd barely met up, how can you know someone you've never met? Now me and my last bf did meet up a lot and it was really great, we've split up now because sometimes long distance is hard although I hope we'll get back together. In the end I believe u must work hard to play hard. Keep trying! Never give up hope especially if you believe they are the one for you!