Avoid Cursing

Okay, I,ve noticed one of my friends, who is dating a guy, swears-EVERY-OTHER-WORD. I,ve asked her boyfriend while she was off flirting with other guys if he ever gets bothered by her constant flirting and swearing. I,ve discovered he wants to dump her for lots of bad language, and flirting. So ladies, don,t ever swear in front of your man, and don,t flirt with others either, sometimes it doesn,t make then jealous, it sometimes makes you look promiscuous and will probably make them date you. And some girls shouldn,t even swear at all.

Now for guys, sure, maybe for some girls, their man swearing can either be funny, or manly, depends on the time and situation and so on... Excessive swearing can repel girls easily, and it,s okay to swear to seem tough, but don,t over do it. Plus, for some girls, if a guy flirts with their crush,s friend to make the crushy jealous, it,ll ruin everyone,s friendship, so be sure you know exactly what you are doing.