Absolutly best first kiss ever

find someplace romantic. a high hill overlooking water is perfect
Hold her against your chest with your arms around her.
talk to her show her you care. be fun. play with her hair.
stroke her chin it,ll make her want to kiss you
The kiss
first get her to look at you/ turn her head towards you then gently pull her closer to you
look into her eyes and hold her face in both of your hands lean in and kiss her softly (don,t forget to tilt your face one way or another to avoid smashing her nose with yours). hold the kiss for 3 or 4 seconds then slowly lean back and hug her.she,s certain to have loved it and she,ll beg for more.

the one most important thing is to not be shy. she,s just as nervous as you. so just do it!

This is basicaly how i did it the first time and it worked great.