bonito.paul dorling

I still remember that Saturday in summer
Maybe wasnít the right time to meet each other
With our unstable lives,a difficult relationship to maintain
So we hurt each other again and again
People donít understand,they say I should forget you
But no-one knows the pain Iím going through
I still feel our closeness,the smell of your tea
Your hugs, your skin, your sweatÖyou on me
The world is plenty of second-best guys
Being with somebody for not being lonely,thatís not wise!!
When Iím by someoneís side itís because of real love
Not because I cannot be with the one I think of
You showed me love, we cried together
We had good moments, they will remain forever
And I do love you, I swear thatís true
Bonito, I just cannot live without you
I know your virtues and faults, Iím not blind
Iím more that sure that Iíll be there for you all a lifetime
If I could ask for a wish,itíd be your health and welfare
If I have to die for you, of course I would, my dear
My heart is living in a constant pain
Overwhelmed by feelings,all difficult to explain
And while we are sorting out our lives
Iím waiting here for the day arrives
When step by step we can build a trustful relationship again
With renewed confidence and hope to last Ďtil the end