If you love them give them a chance

I know from experience that when you are cheated on by the one person you trusted above all others it can feel like the whole world is falling down and you cant get the images of what you have been told out of your head, you start to wonder how it happened, when, where, why? Its a traumatizing event, but I would like to say that it gets better. The memory will always stay, but the pain is temporary. Love is a complicated thing, but if he or she went through the trouble of being completely honest with you I say give them another chance, seriously what do you have to lose? That he/she will cheat again, well from experience it never hurts like the first time. Love is rare follow your heart. if it says leave, this persons not worth it then by all means go but if it screams at you to stay dont go against that feeling. "Once a cheater always a cheater" is a phrase said out of bitterness. A person can change at any point in their life dont believe in this phrase believe in what you yourself feel look within because I found love with a person who cheated on me twice, to forgive is not weakness, but rather a strength that very few possess.