if it meant nothing, dont tell!

If u have cheated and it honestly meant nothing then its up to you to forget about it! And as long as noone knows there is no way he or she will find out, and if u cheated and don,t feel bad about it, or continued going back to the same person youuve been cheating with then I think there,s a problem, I,m not sure what to do in this case but. If u love your partner then you shouldn,t put him in that situation, think of how you wold feel if he or she did what you are doingb I know I am angry with mysself, and can,t stop, I don,t know what,s next for me but I know that the man I am with I love more then anything, I,m pretty sure I just have some of my own issues I need to work out! Again, what he or she doesn,t know won,t hurt them!!!! Its sad to say but u know its true! Just hold it in, and pay it never comes out!