I found out my husband was cheating with a coworker, had her driving my other vehicle with her baby in my son,s car seat. Still to this day, he denies any relationship with her, even while he lived with her. He lies and lies about never doing anything else, after I caught him cheating on the internet multiple times. Take my advice, I know what I am talking about. I did some really vindictive things and it did not make me feel any better.

Step 1
File for divorce immediately.Don,t tell him to leave the house' you leave.
Step 2
Do not keep bringing up the affair as if he,s going to apologize because he,s not. Don,t sit around waiting for it either.
Step 3
Easier said than done, but put all your energy into yourself and your children. Buy some new clothes, get your hair done. Even if you,ve had those extra 20 pounds to shed, now,s the time to do it.
Step 4
Stop worrying about what he,s doing, who he,s seeing now, who he,s with. DO NOT call him questioning him about his affairs with other women. Don,t meddle into his business, besides, you,ll never know the truth anyway. Quit picturing him in bed with someone else, or out with someone else. Remember, his guilt is eating him alive and he is picturing you laid up with a hotter, sexier man who is putting your back out : )
Step 5
Do not discuss anything with him BUT the children. Don,t politic with him and get into convos about who did what and why. You still have the same end result, marriage is over thanks to this loser.
Step 6
Don,t look sad or depressed. Be cordial and upbeat when he sees you, or when people you mutually know sees you. Always look your best, even if you feel like crud.
Step 7
When he calls for the kids, be cordial, non-argumentive or non-confrontational. This will eat him alive, knowing that he did you wrong and you,re not arguing or saying ill-mannered things to him. Hence, this is what he will expect and when you don,t do it, he,ll see what a big mistake he made. SILENCE IS GOLDEN.
Step 8
NEVER fight or argue with him, this gives him ammunition to justify his cheating ways.
Step 9
Don,t put a dime of energy into his new woman. She,s in for a real treat. She,s not any better than you. She was being used to fill gaps in his world and once the next good thing comes along, she,ll be hurt and in your shoes, rightfully so. The grass always looks greener on the other side.
Step 10
When he tries to come back, tell him that it is over, in a calm, respectful way. Say with three words to him, "I,ve moved on." And don,t elaborate. He will be puzzled and wondering, all the while seeing what a dumb thing it is he did and how much of a woman you are. And tell him that the trust is broken, you forgive him (even if you don,t) but unless it involves the kids, you want nothing to do with him. And mean it and leave it that way and go on to live your happy, happy life. This will eat him up inside if you follow my advice, TRUST ME. It worked like clockwork for me.