He wants More!!!!!!!

well me and my boyfriend went to his friends house.his friend wanted to take a really long shower so we were both alone together.i could tell that he desperately wanted a kiss so i kissed him :p!(shoulda been a tease) so then we both got more into the kiss.he pushed me(but not too hard)against the wall.he slowly lifted my leg and one of his hands were on my !that turned me on quickly and i love to be in control!!!!!!!!!!!i pushed him on the bed but he didnt mind the push and he took off his shirt.i was amazed to see his body and he pulled me closer to him.he whispered"wat do u wanna do now y" i was speechless because then when i couldve replied he swooped me off the floor(in a flash that i was startled at first)he kept turning me on and i just couldnt help myself we both kissed frenched and made out!he was so close to almost taking off my panties and bra but hi friend came from the shower and saw us both in our undies(but i had a bra on) sorry it,s too long i wrote this while my bf was issing and licking my neck and my ears it was soooooooooooooooooooo delicious :DDDDDDD