The Ultimate Tips For Girls

Some of these things you might have heard before but they are being repeated because they work.

1. Smile! This is very important. Smiles are contagious so once you smile at someone they will automatically smile back and this creates a good feeling in both smilers.

2. Be confident and fun. Guys LOVE confident girls. It shows that you aren,t afraid of what others think and that your not scared to show your true self. As for the fun part, you want the guy to feel your fun to be around. If you sit on the side and not talk much, you might be enjoying the experience but the guy is probably not. Try being so much fun that it becomes contagious.

3. Do something thrilling together. Two people create an attraction for each other when they go through a terrifying heart-thumping experience. Go see a scary movie or ride a roller coaster. Anything that will get the heart thumping . The guy will attribute his nervousness to you and think he is attracted to you.

4. Physical contact. You can touch a guy just about anywhere. Guys love it and it,s important to further the relationship. Find any excuse to touch him. When telling a story touch his arm or when passing by him slightly brush up against him. When sitting down, make sure your leg leans against his.

5. There are a bunch more tips but way too many to write. If you have a friend who gets a lot of guys ask her for tips. It,s obvious she knows what she,s doing.

*Extra Tip (that I learned the hard way)- Bros before hoes or in our case chicks before d**ks. Never choose your boyfriend over your girlfriend. It will most always result in drama you don,t need and can result in some damaging effects. Boys come and go but friends can last a lifetime.