Give him space, he'l surely miss you

me and my boyfriend stayed for 1 yr & 3 months but broke up about 3 months, but the first and 2nd month were d hardest part that i beg him hw much i want him back, giving gifts, crying & pleading infrnt of him. the worsiest was wen he put my bag outside d door so i wud go home & told me not to come bck again. it ruin my heart i antcip8ed d posibilty we,l nver be tgther anymor. after 18 days of mourning, he added me to his YM & facebook he sends me msg saying "he still care about me,how he missd me. he pryed dat im ok" in reverse, i acted lyk i moved on already & told him im happy even w/o him,during our online conversation i replied his msgs every 4-5 mins in short,simple & mature then i received lost of msgs fom him then i logged out w/o saying goodbye. it drives him crazy ,like it happened to him what had happened 2 me.. now i,m wondering he cant sleep in his own medicine.