keeping your minds open

listen to me my dear,
dont be afraid to live in this slow emotion adventurious life.u need to hear my voice and listen, no one will hurt is like a journey when u need to travel by yourself.every steps that u have reach, every patterns u have made is not gonna end as what u want gives you the experiences that you will never forget.come here and listen, listen to me carefully, please dont let your self down when u have a miserable life. heart broken relationship or we should call fail in relationship.always remember that its a credit for you to think and listen.we are human being. human are not that perfect as they are made. we have different feelings. different situation, different thoughts everything is different.sometimes i always think theres no such thing as the same mutual feelings.because in life, after marriage most of the couples divorce, men starts cheating on their other half, life isnt fair after all.same it goes to the young couples who think that there are going to marry the person that they have been with for almost what? 2 years? that is not enough to know soomeone. all that matter now is you.YOU are the one who should make the decision.everythingis in your hands.everything needs to control by you.not other,especially those stupid guys who dont treat you right.dont let that happened ever in your life.through your experience learned from it and you will get a better life after this.i ll promise u that. but one thing i should say is never ever make them as your nice even though they cheated u or whatever, u got to be urself,the first time they met you. it make sense, people love you from the first time they met you. be that person! dont chase over guys! have your own life! make plenty of friends! cherish your life.if he doesnt want you, its ok! your next prince charming will find you in about now! just cherish every person that are being nice to you eventhough u don have feeling toward them. more from me the girl in the mirror.