Don't jump right back in

If he is slowly talking to you again as "friends" don,t assume he,s ready to take you back and don,t pressure communication of out him that he is not ready to give.
When he is being all chumsy with you it could go one of two ways at the moment because the chances are you,ve been ignored by him for quite some time. He could be testing the waters to see how you feel. If you show you can cope without him the side of you he fell for, when you did know how to cope without him, will be there and he will fall for it again.

Just re-act as if he is a relativley distant friend but don,t be too cold to him, make him want you back and make him work for it.

However additionally the other of the two ways could shine through and he could genuinley want you as just a friend so be sure to subtley be your best in front of him without looking like you,re trying too hard and any decent man worth having would realise their mistake.