Kissing While Watching A Movie

Kissing Tips and Techniques :
Hand / Cheek Kisses :
Kissing While Watching A Movie
if you are laying on a couch:
1. get close and hold his hands. lay down and have your head in his lap. after this is comfortable, turn towards him and look him in the eyes, catch his attention and slowly pull your eyes away to another spot like his arm, kiss him on the cheek. give him soft kisses all over his body. if he is wearing a sweater put your hands inside it, rubbing on his bare chest or t-shirt. slowly work your way up his body without exxagerating and give him a long kiss on the cheek. Let him make the next move. Also, you will be able to tell which spots to focus on for the next time because you will be able to tell which spots you kissed stimulated him the most.

If your at the theaters:
2. Let him put his arm around you and lean your heads into eachother. Starting making out and when it is over keep your head in his chest so it is not awkward. If you are worried about being a bad kisser or messing it up, it's ok, the more nervous you are the worse it will get. If you are too worked up dont do it, but otherwise you will be ok, kissing comes naturally. ;-)