sexy first kiss from girls . 2 tips

ohkay , this one is for the girls .
if you really want your man to think of you in a sexy way you have to make the first kiss . make it very sexy and suductive make him wanting more. here ar some ways .

1. get him away from all of the group so that you too are alone . you make sure your standing really close to him that when you walk you touch his hand . then when he looks at you in reaction to your hands touching smille and say "were you trying to hold my hand ?" this usually leads to holding hands. once you get to a place where you too are alone for sure . push him up against the wall and say "do yu think this is risky of us ?" when he says "yes" say "well i like a little bit of a risk" ( make sure you have i contact . it gets him turned on . then slowly kiss him not make out. do NOT let him take over and make out . quikly pull away and poke him and say "tsg your it" and start to walk away twards your friends . he will most likely come after you .

2. if you have the kind of friends who pressure you into kissing our boyfriend , make yur first kiss with him sexy. make him allways want to kiss you. ohkaay soo first. make sure you both are sting down holdng hands , when your friends make you kiss him yu say "ima do this my way " you get on top ohf him sit on his lap facing him grab his neck with both hands nd kiss him slowly , not make out . remeber that this is your first kiss . you can wisper in his ear" yes yu can put yur hands on my ass" he wwill probably be thinkin bout this . once yur moment is done flip over him and sit back down where yu were first . and lookat him like nothing happend . it will make him want you more .('

i know guys love sexy suductive girls .so make your self one(: show him what your mama gave ya.
i hope this helps you . GOOD LUCK(: