Internet breakup

We met through the internet, and we were chating for 3 months, i was in a long distant trip at that time.
When i came back he was busy with his exams and was reading all day, so i asked him when are we going to meet?
cause i was allready back to my country 2 weeks allready so the logical thing for him to do was to ask me out,so i was starting getting mad and anxious thinking in my mind that he was playing games with me, so i told him if you are with somebody else, just tell me so that i don,t to waste my time any longer.
He said that if he was with somebody he would have said so
and said that it was very importand for him to finish his exams first.

So he said to me that i am pushy and controling, and that,s not normal cause we don,t have a relationship to act like that.
He said to me to forget about him, and that he is clear about it.
I said to him that i am not controling him, but his behaviour was in contrust, and that i wanted to know to who i am talking to.

Anyway i am not in his fb anymore, but i send a message
here and there sometimes, and he replies too.

Don,t be pushy to someone that you haven,t met yet,
they think you as a ball chain that will have to put up with.