3 partner response and basic knowle

this is for the girl and any girl or guy who needs advice in the situation. for backround read the 3 Partners post, with the girl wondering how to handle the situation with 3 potentially or already hooking up guys, and she needs to decide

theres questions that need to be asked first do all three individuals know each other or slightly do?
-If so be very careful how you to talk each one individually.
lets say they do. this here are some things that could happen.
ex 1)you are texting a couple of them at a time. You are having a normal conversation with a lil flirt in it with two or even possibly all three. but will leave one of them at the moment out. Two of them decided to hang out whereever. lets say they went to the mall because each one of them were going to vic,s secret to get you somthin nice like body lotion ofcourse. maybe they decided just at one of there houses and ther mom made cookies for them. they find out and get mad and your down to one."" it ends up the other is not the guy you once saw(a douch, stupid, or not your type)know your empty. what if the two guys got mad looked at face book and found some messages then they tell the third guy. your down to none.
( everything after "" can apply to the rest of the example(s)

ex 2) if they are friends talking about the girl they like. for this it would prob happen like this. (pure guess) they are hanging out again. a they begin to talk about there crush,s or who is potential. after they release the name the friend who is listining come to realization(knows whats goin on).now they have a fork in the road with two path (1.) the guy finds out tells his budy they spread it and tell to end it or both get mad and are done. (2) they dont care about friendship and your there.
just a couple

next question

do thay have feelings for you?

-lets say they are young, your hooking up, or dating them.

(be considerate of others feeling. you dont want to be the bezz. or on you morals.
(if young could be a good learning thing for them. ( i dun no about the learning thing).

just the basis of being clear knowing that your having fun couldnt finish im out