cry your heart out

i had a wonderful 1 month relationship with paul. but i was scared back then because my mom would split us up and we could no longer do the things that we used to do when it was just the two of us that knows the relationship. so i broke up with him. i was really simply scared. awful. because its been 6 months since we part ways, but still i cannot stand not to cry every minute of the day. i used to laugh, but when i am all alone, i just remember everything that we had. i am very sorry right now for what had happened. and i admit, i am still damn in love with him, and i guess it is not healthy for me, because i am sacrificing a lot of chance for happiness.. i am grieving and yearning. just wanted t0 cry and cry and cry.. i guess my eyes would be dry. dont know when. i would just wait.. :(