Kiss in the snow

Well, I,d only been with this guy a few days. He was a really close friend and it felt so natural. He walked me home through the snow, it was like a movie. We stood on the corner freezing to death because neither of us wanted to go. My face was near the side of his neck, and my arms around his waist.

He moved his head a bit, and I moved mine, and we just knew. He leaned down and I went on my tiptoes and our lips touched. We liplocked for a couple of brief seconds, before is tongue gently opened my mouth.

It wasn,t by any stretch of the imagination my first kiss, but definitely the best. He was gentle but took control and his hands stayed on my waist and neck - very gentlemanly! And he tasted gorgeous, and smelt better. The best kisses are with people you trust, and remember kisses may mean more to your partner than to you, or vice versa.

Happy kissing!! xx