Advice?!? NOT!

I have read some of the worst relationship advice here that I have ever heard of, not to mention some of the worst grammar too. Call them daily?!? Be their friend?!? Help them whenever possible?!? Please…

Listen, don,t call your EX daily, or 2X daily as one poster suggested. In fact disappear from their lives. They need to see what life is like with you gone, to experience missing you. Don,t beg and plead. Don,t try to be their friend. Your best bet is to agree it,s not working and walk away with your dignity and pride intact. Yes, it,s very hard and painful. Give it time though as this can take months and there certainly is NO GUARENTEE you will get back together.

If the dumper really and truly wants you back they will let you know. If not, well you,ve already begun moving on. Don,t be a fall back/back up plan or friends with benefits. Don,t coddle them through the break up. Accept nothing less than that you two will be working out the issues and getting back together. If this happens, great. Take it slow and address each issue.

Remember, respect yourself first. That means doing what is best for you and not compromising your values and morals. Good luck.