shy girls

for all you girls who are extremely shy about boys this is for you. i am a very...outgoing person but boys make me nervous and shy. all my past crushes found out i liked them and it was bad. but after a while it was normal again. IF YOU GET BURNED DONT FREAK. guys get over the akwardness. it might take a year but it goes away. if u want to ask out a guy, i always do it at the end of the school year, in the summer, or right before a big vacation. friends also help A TON! when i confessed to my crush i had my friend say it to the guy over a 3 way phone call. of course he only liked me as a friend but thats just him. i hope this helped because i need help too.

ps. i see a lot of stuff on eye contact. i helps but dont make it akward and long. keep it short and sweet. dont worry they wont draw attention to it.