i have been with this guy for 2 yrs and 3 months. It was the perfect relationship. yes we fought and had tought times but we also smiled and laughed and had GREAT AMAZING TIMES. out of no where one day he made an argument up and told me he was tired of arguing. yes we have been arguin a lot but we always fix things. i have talked to SSSOOOO many people and all of them tell me the same thing "BE STRONG" "worry about you know"...its easy to say but hard to do...its just been a few days after the break and i am dying but i love him and im not giving up i am goin to do an advice that somebody posted on here...i am goin to give him a month..he has personal jewelry that are very significant to me after that month i will call him (if he hasn,t called me) and i will tell him that i really need my jewelry back because so much time has passed by. depending on what happens is what decision i,m goin to make. Yes i love him and yes he is truly my world but if he wants "SPACE" then i,m going to give it to him and i,m goin to be strong and respect it..what else can i do? i already tried the begging game and let me tell you IT DID NOT got him frustrated and just wanted to get further away from me...yes i did talk to him a lot and every weekend was a weekend spent with him so ima give him a month to go out and be "a single guy" like he so called want to be but after that month if i dont see any progress then i,m sorry...i really gota let you go... love is a complicated game and NOBODY can understand it but i truly love this guy and im not giving up easily...but on the other hand if he loves me and realizes that going back to his old like will not be good for him then HE WILL COME BACK...

let me tell you one last is hard for me to let go and wait for him to come back because after any little fight i would always be the one running to him telling him im sorry and he would take me back but the day has come where its his turn to love me its his turn to ask me out and its his turn to see that i love him and that i want him to be "that special guy" in my life..

i won,t find another guy like him and i will never forget bout him...i will post up a day to day journal on here and hopefully it will help people... :)