Your first and only love.

Who ever knew that it was possible to fall in love at a young age and KNOW you,re in love? Well I know it,s possible. I,m sixteen and met my ,Prince Charming, two summers ago. We dated for a little over a solid year, with the occasional ups and downs. I was honestly one of the happiest girls alive, never without a smile across my face when I was around him. He showed me how to not only love him, but myself as well and become a better person. But there is also the downfall of being young' you,re always trying to find your place in the world. I didn,t realize that I had such an amazing person so closely within my grasp until I lost him recently. I began going out and partying, flirting with a few boys here and there. I thought I knew what I wanted and it was a mistake I,ll never be able to forgive myself for. I thought I wanted to just be on my own, so I let him go as he begged me not to do it. I kept shaking my head as he got out of the car into the rain, tears falling from his eyes. I,ll never forget the look on his face as I sat there and broke his heart. I haven,t been happy a day since.

Advice? Don,t ever let someone go just because you have an unclear vision of what you supposedly want. Especially when you have someone special who has been fighting right by your side. Whoever said ,there are a million fish in the sea, lied... I have the only fish I,ll ever want right in the broken crevice of my heart.

I,m still unconditionally in love with you.