Complicated situations.

Me and my man have just split. It,s a very complicated situation. He has a kid to a girl he only went out with for a couple of months, she split with him, I still don,t know what for. I met him a couple of months after his son was born. He fell for me straight away, told me he loved me, told me he'd never been more attracted to anyone in his whole life, said I was the best he'd ever had, that I've cared for him like no one has ever done before.

The thing is, while he felt like this I didn't. I cared for him yes, but definitely not to the same extent.

He came to stay with me for a week over new year where I wore him out, physically, and annoyed him a bit emotionally.

Anyway, when he went back to where he lives now, (300 miles away from me), the phone calls started getting shorter, I started getting stressed, and panicked that he no longer loved me. About 3 days after this feeling started, I told him about it, that I needed a break from it all to work on myself and how I thought about myself so i could be the person he first met again.

This all turned out horribly wrong and a day later he confessed his feelings for his ex girlfriend. That he thought it best if he told me now, and not hurt me.