If you hurt her, she'll leave

the girl that you love and hurt can only take so much. don’t think of always walking over her. or think that she’ll always be there after you hurt her. she may not be perfect, because she will make mistakes herself, but, she’ll be the greatest love of your life. she will and would stay by you through everything. but, when she’s had enough, you’ll see her pick her life up and leave. and you’ll realize that she’s gone forever. you’ll be the one in pain for the rest of your life. paying for the hurt you brought upon her. you’ll really regret having done all those things. because when you realize how much the girl you hurt, was the one you needed the most. she’s the one you’ve loved this whole time and will love for all your life. so now that she’s still in your life, take care of her and love her like a fragile ceramic. be proud of her, adore her, and love her ever so gently and hold her in your arms, make her feel protected. because right now she’s doing that to you.