How to Deal with Chronic Cheaters: Know that Once a Cheater, always a cheater

Statistics prove that once someone is unfaithful, they will continue to be unfaithful. Be very cautious with anyone who has cheated on past relationships, especially if they were unfaithful multiple times. Most chronic cheaters will lie to their partners, even when shown direct evidence of their cheating-some will deny direct evidence from phone records, emails or from another person.

Remember that is someone cheated on a former spouse or partner, they will definitely cheat on you. They will tell you that you are different or that they have changed but statistics proved that you are no different-you will be cheated on as well.

The best advice is to immediately break off the relationship with someone who has cheated in previous relationships if you find evidence that they have cheated on you. They will deny that they are cheating on you but definitely know that they are cheating on you and always will. No amount of counseling will help the chronic cheater. Unless you want to go through constant cycles of betrayal, the best thing to do is get out of the relationship immediately.