DON'T DON'T DON'T act dumb and be a HOE!

ok first of all.I,ve asked this to MANY of my guy friends, and this is to all of you stupid little K- 7th graders... YOU DON,T KNOW WHAT YOU,RE TALKING ABOUT! AND YOU CAN,T SPELL!
All the guys I,ve asked who are attractive, intelligent, and have good morals and didn,t lose their virginity and have their first orgy (b/c that's tacky and hoe-ish) said that they would rather have a girl who they could have a real conversation with, whether that,s sports, science, tech, or music. But they want someone to talk to who knows what they,re talking about.

Also, don,t be a whore and wear super tight cloths that show everything, because then you just scream "I,M EASY BANG ME! I,M JUST A PIECE OF MEAT!" an then you,ll never fine real love.

There is a big difference between love and sex people!