missed me missed me now u gotta kiss me

hi its me again the last couple of days its been snowing where im from and the guy that i realy like picked a snowball fight with me and my friend so we where getting all competative when i said missed me missed me r u gonna kiss me he gave me a wink an carried on after that we all sat and talked he asked me if he could go inside and make a drink i was extremly exited so i said anyone else want one so we walked round back and he pulled me into the garden backed me up against the wall and kissed me i was speechless and giggled he smiled he went to go and get the drinks but i grabed him and pulled him back we kissed a bit more then it got to frenching when i relised his mates hand with a phone dangling over the top of the fence we made random kissing noises whilst he grabed the phone and sent me the video then deleated it we have been going out ever since