remember the girl from primary school?!

Guys...(listen to me this will work!)
you remember the girl you first liked or the one from primary school that you probly liked for maybe a year or two??!

the chances are if she didnt admitt she liked you then, she probly likes you now that you both is high school and have started to date other girls... your making her jelous!! ask her out or ask her if she still likes you or likes you now...

when you get to your year 12 formal or school dance (even if it is 3 or more years away) and dont know who to ask... ask her and i can guarantee she will say yes. if you dont ask her i can guarantee that when you see her in her formal dress you will go mad coz you dont know what your missing.Just keep staring at her and when she sees you looking she will guve a cut smile or blush!

Ask her to dance and if it is a slow romantic song... put your hands around her waist, pull her in close and tight and she will put her arms around your neck.

Make eye contact with her for a few seconds and gradually lean in to kiss her. She will definitley lean in to kiss you aswell because she feels like she is in love and the specialist person in the room!

Make the kiss last for atleast 5 seconds and then lean in for another making this one last even longer. if you lean in for a third kiss look at her passionately and move to the next stage up of kissing, lip locking/pashing. she will feel loved and really special!

But dont go too far ohterwise she will feel awkward and unsafe.

good luck guys! ')

(i hope my crush will ask me to my formal!!)