somewhere special to you

im 15 and my bf is 17 he got his older brother to drive us to the beach,when we got there he linked arms and walked me to a spot right at the end where there was a beautiful view ,go somewhere special to u,he told me to close my eyes so been such a ,,romantic,,he pulled out a basket inside was a towel and sweets ,chocolate and fruit he said that its nice every once in a while to spoil me coz im so worth it iwas gobsmaked he sat me down took of his bandana and shirt lord knows why and said dont peek and tied it round my eyes he started feedin me the diffrent things kissing me now n thenthen after that we kissed on the sand and i told him it was his turn so i gave him the diffrent foods and whisperd in his ear guess this one and kissed him slowly addin tounge it was so sweet he gave me his shirt to keep me warm even though i didnt need it