10 surefire tips

1. Think about your crush. Do random acts of kindness. You,ll come off as really sweet.

2. Be supportive, be there when he/she needs someone to cheer them on, or someone to comfort them in a dark time.

3. (HEY, THIS IS A GUY,S TIP) Don,t be too touchy. I mean, if you,re starting to notice she likes you, maybe brush a piece of her hair out of her face casually, then pretend it never really happened and continue your chat. But nothing really...suggestive.

4. Be confident! Or at least, pretend you are. No one will ever be attracted to someone who,s hiding in the corner. (And don,t slouch.)

5. Don,t EVER brag. EVER. Be modest about accomplishments.

6. Don,t try to be cool. You usually end up making a fool of yourself. Just be you.

7. Don,t worry about what you,re going to say. Just cheerfully say, "Hi!" and see where things go.

8. RESPECT yourself. And your crush too. Respect teachers, parents, the elderly, etc. You will attract nice people.

9. NEVER, NEVER let yourself fall for someone who,s just simply hot. Evaluate their character seriously. Love doesn,t just "happen".

10. Dress well. I don,t mean ,wear a suit/dress all day,, I mean wear clean clothes, wear clothes that FIT, etc. I trust you see where I,m going with this.

11. Most of all, be yourself. Don,t pretend to be like anyone else.

P.S., I hope this helps! 'D