Destiny Says IT

Well, I have this girl classmate with me which im not really that close or attracted to coz im inlove with a different person. Soon, things changed quite a bit and the girl dumped me. I lost my chance in the game of love and thought I shouldn,t love at all to avoid getting hurt. Then one day, a party happened in our class, and everyone,s busy. Some are chatting, swimming and singing. Being a loner, I chose being alone and notice this girl classmate. She,s there too, alone and silent. I started talking to her and as time went by, we are good as friends. Sooner, i found myself inlove with her and thought how great destiny is, when you started looking, you will search nothing. But when you stop looking for it, and wait til time comes, destiny,s lips speaks and gives you what you are waiting for. Now, the only problem is telling her what I feel coz I,m scared. Will destiny help me again?