Love is fragile.

Me and my boyfriend of six months broke up a week ago. He decided to break up with me and I miss him like crazy. I want him back. It took us a while to say ,I love you., And that,s because our relationship developed into something beautiful.

I don,t know what I did wrong. But this is a tip i,m following at the moment:

Send him/her a message saying:

I was wondering whether we could sit down face to face and have a mature conversation about our relationship because I don,t fully understand why we broke up.

Just leave at that. Short and sweet. If he/she responds with a no or does not answer your request then she/he,s not worth the effort. I,d advise not showing up at his/hers unexpectedly. This will piss them off profusely.

If he/she has any feelings for you then he will hear you out and accept the conversation. So we know he/she is sincere. When you,re talking.. you want to be honest about EVERYTHING. So tell him/her this: "I think we should be honest about everything. You can tell me honest things and I won,t get mad." This is lulling them into a false sense of security. They will fall for it.

If the answers aren,t that bad then compromise about things. Example, something he/she didn,t like, figure a way to improve it etc.

Don,t beg or cry. Always stay calm and composed.

Goodluck and I hope this helped.