French Kissing Tips

ive been reading these tips and no offence but most of them are rubbish ive got some honest tips which work!
1. If You are nervous your guy/girl will sense that so dont be.
The Lead up to kiss
The best lead up to a kiss is being alone wiv your guy/girl, maybe sit on the sofa and watch tv or something. if your a girl Rest ur head on his shoulder, if your a boy try and get the girl to put her head on ur shoulder, when u both look at each other take the moment move in closer and give him a peck on the lips
The kissing
After doing that your guy/girl will want more, hopefully your guy/girl will carry on kissing you
Gradually your guy/girl may lye you down or something let them do this, maybe after a while your guy/girl may slowley put there tongue in ur mouth, dont worry bout this its not bad
hope this helps