Some good rules!! girls i need your i rite?

Some times guys do the wrong things to impress girls, they end up making a fool of theirselves. My name is Nicholes and i just wanted to put together some advice that might help all of you in need. Like all people no one is perfect so im not going to pertend i am. Im an average guy in HighSchool trying to make my way play by play, but enough about me lets get into some rules that i noticed work.

RULE 1. When you talk to a girl make sure you dont look at her chest! Most girls will notice thats why your talking to them. Instead look into her eyes and actually listen to her and what she has to say. Or at least act like your listening which brings me to my next rule.
RULE 3.. Pay EXTREME attention to a girl when shes talking about herself or whats going on in her life. The more you kno about her, the more impressed she will be later. She will feels you have been actually been paying attention to her and probably think your different from most guys.
RULE 3. Unless your trying to date a ho you shouldn french kiss her the first time you make a move, I personally feel a first kiss should be only lip to lip for a few seconds no tongue. Think about it, if a girl tried to just kiss you and you had your tongue out that would be awkward for her and you. I think The French should be saved for third or fourth kiss. My relationships have worked very well that way anywaye.
RULE 4. When your with her make her laugh. Keep the conversation going not with just a few words here and their, Remember BE FUNNY!
RULE 5. When you hold her you should grab her by the waste. It makes her feel special and close to you, or even better grab her by the waste from behind. Dont be to sexual , just be close to her having your body,s touch. It,s the perfect combination of romance and might also umm u
RULE 6. Dont suffocate her! Girls hate when you do that unless you barley ever see them, in that case it couldnt really be suffocating could it?!?
RULE 7. Dont ask personal questions unless you,ve been together for a while, that might annoy them and make them feel uncomfortable (depending on who they are of course)
RULE 8. Dont always do the same things. It means from kissing holding talking etc. If you do the same thing every time she will eventually get bored. Mix it up a little bit do different things every once in a while.
RULE 9. If your shy either snap out of that quick or tell her in a personal setting, if you dont it will be more awkward! (Say something like..I dont kno why but when im around you i feel different..i cant always say whats on my mind or think straight so i might not always know what to say to you ya know)..(its just...your different from all the other girls ive talked seem special) Try that...once again it worked for me lol but i meant it..even if you dont it should still work!
RULE 10. If you really like her show her with more than words but not to often or it will get old. Try random flowers(if they like them) make her feel special once again.

There are a simple ten rules that might work for you and i wish you the best of luck guys.