heartbreak over the internet

I met a guy through a very close internet friend, at the time he was her internet boyfriend but there was an instant attraction. We talked on MSN for a while before confessing our love. They soon split up but me and my friend still remained close, it all started off rather well, talking everyday and each day I got to know him more and more. Soon we became boyfriend and girlfriend, I had never actually felt so much love before, all was going well, we exchanged numbers and he rang me, I cried the first time I heard his voice. I though it would last forever. Shortly after though, he had internet problems. And of course we didn't speak for a while. I gave up hope and found another relationship, a steady, calm one. My close internet friend gave me his MSN address again. We started talking again, mainly about we what missed about each other. Soon my other relationship ended, not because of this, because of something different. But I turned to him for help, and again we ended up going out. I fell deeper in love this time, unable to sleep or do anything but want him. This continued for over a year, contant love and attention. But all of a sudden one day he disappeared into thin air, no more texts or calls, never on MSN, i had no other way of knowing how he is. My advice is that internet and MSN dating isn't for the faint hearted, expect tears and upset. Its unavoidable, you have to be determined for this type of relationship to work.