How Much I Love You

“How Much I Love You”

You are so beautiful,
That when the stars all burn out.
I’ll be looking toward your eyes,
And I’ll always find the shine.

You are so caring,
That when the dark chasm falls upon me.
I know you’ll be there.
You’ll remind me that you’re mine.
You’ll give me no reason to be scared.

And when I give up,
And my whole being is just slime,
And I slip and I fall,
You can bring me back into time.

So, when all hell breaks,
And my heart starts to quake,
And it’s more than I can take.
Only when you arrive,
Will I awaken.
Only with you can I be revived.

You are the one who gives me life.
You give me a reason,
A reason to keep away from the knife.

You give me love.
The reward all want best,
As if from a divine above.
You can let the light shine through,
And erode all my regrets.

You are everything.
You are the air I breathe,
And the light I see.
You are the hope shone through,
The darkest of my forlorn dreams.

You are my being,
The answers to my pleaing,
And an end to my bleeding.

Yet, there is also us.
A feral of all spirit.
So incredibly beautiful,
Our hearts can never truly be crushed.

It lives within,
As long as we love,
It will never grow thin.

So, I end a poem…
And yet,
Much more has yet
To begin.