touching/tickling for girls to do to guys

if you are lying down/ sitting down, watching a film or just relaxing, put your hand on his side and very gently run your fingers up and down on his ribs, he might giggle but trust me it's a good giggle, he will love it then push yourself closer to him (slowly, but nit too slow) like your chest to his, then look into his eyes (still tickling his ribs) and close your eyes and beguin to kiss him gently, then when the kissing gets more intence, push yourself even closer and put both of your arms around his neck, (both lying on your side or sitting facing eachother) and rest you leg on him or put it between his legs, he will love it and he won't stop kissing/holding you then let him take controll :) you will both have butterflies my boyfriend loves it but always change things slightly :)