Confidence continued (7)

Flirting 101, the pinicle of flirtation and mastery of the art, begins with this one understanding~

Flirting is like playing with a cat~
If you just drop the string on it's head, it'll have fun for a moment, then leave the room, AND YOU. you wnat to entertain the cat, otherwise you're just another object, like a chair or something. now, you don't want to drop compliments on a girl left and right because she, like the cat, will get bored. now if you dangle the string just out of reach, the cat goes crazy for it n_n and the cat'll be entertained for hours, and will come to you for fun. Same goes for a girl, if you dangle your complements just out of reach, and make her try for them, she'll have fun and feel like she's earned them by truely impressing you, even if it's something small n_n

Girls are like cats,
if you give them everything they want with no resistance, they'll get bored with you very quickly.
if you take the time to play, she'll have fun making you fallin love with her by impressing you, and you'll have a great time watching as she grows closer and more attached to you.

if you just complent the crap out of her, you'll never get to know her, got it n_~*

good luck people!!!
or merely,
in reverie,