Confidence continued (2)

Your best bet, is to LOOK at people before approaching them.
and no boys i don't mean the Breasts. Say you're in a starbucks (my ultimate fave place (yes I'm a man who loves Latte's, if you have a problem with that then lets re-anylize our success with the opposing gender lmao sorry bout that n_n;) so you're in a starbucks, and oh my god you see the perfect hotty!!! (gasp! lmao) DO NOT WALK UP TO HER AND DROP A RETARDED PICKUP LINE (that's gotta be the least attractive thing ever~) look her in the eyes while you walk up to her (just a tip, but try to look at the pupils of her eyes, not just the general vacinity, no idea why but for some reason people react to this(if you've seen memoirs of a geisha you know what i mean n_n) okay so you're walking towards her, she turns her head and you look her directly in the eyes and smile (not huge, not even your bigest smile, just a little cute one (girls like cute, it's something they just do, so even if you're reading this and you're hulk hogan, time to cutesy up big boy n_~* roflmao)
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