Try it, it works :)

this worked when i first got wid my bf and he was baffled :P he loved it n i do it all the time now cos he loves it :) kk here it is

U (yes u) go up to him, say hes sittin on a couch, u go up to him sit on his lap and kiss him, not to soft not to makin out style, then just walk away (yes walk away...) walk awayand sit on the other couch or the chair whateva is there and look at him in glanse, (maybe pretend to read a mag and look up at him, n as soon as he stares at u do an innocent but flirty smile) keep doin this and eventually hell come to you and then he will simply kiss you then u play along as if hes incharge now...

hope it helps :P n if he doesnt come ova hes stpid :P only jokin if he doesnt come just go ova to him but sit on the oppossite side or get closer but not in an obvious way.

hope it helps :) GOOD LUCK!